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I started working on this project eight years ago. Due to Illness I had to stop work on all my projects. I'm still not 100% fit but I feel well enough to start doing 3DMax and some music again :)

This was and still is my favourite project.  Some years ago I had a recurring dream about this special spacecraft so I set out recreating it in 3DMax, the Quantum Starship is a huge project to model. After finishing part one and two I thought it would look nice as my wallpaper, so  I released part one and two  on Wallpaper Engine. At the moment I'll be putting all my available time into finishing this one project.
The Quantum Starship will be in three parts. The first part shows the Quantum Star Drive room. The second part will  show the exterior room of  the star drive. The third part will  be  a sequence  of animations showing the external  spaceship un-docking from the mother-ship and  initiating a jump to a new planetary system.

There maybe a part four in the future that shows the crew and passengers boarding the Quantum Starship with a transfer vehicle.

This ship is one of many that is launched from the mother-ship. The Quantum Starship is capable of near instant travel and has been used to discover many new worlds. The actual starship has a radius of 583 meters and a central height of 500 meters.

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