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The Quantum Journeys
(Part Three)

Part one and two.
Info about the QSD engine room.

The Quantum Star Drive is a futuristic starship engine. The core utilizes four stars created at the quantum level, harnessed together using each star's own gravity for perpetual motion. The intense gravity that is created from the device can be directed using the appropriate control's in the control centre, this allows the ship to cover great distances by surfing the directed gravity well. In the core chambers time is slowed down to allow the quantum stars to burn slower for longer life.
Info about the QSD exterior engine room.

The exterior engine room operates in an ultra-high vacuum. Time runs slow in the red giant star chambers just like the chambers in the main core engine room. The red giant stars are created when the main engine stars enter the last stages of evolution. These stars help balance the spacecraft when flying vast distances they are also used as an auxiliary power supply.
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